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Ok but look how evil those lil’ rays are

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Whenever I’m sad I think of this picture of Eugene Byrd and Micharl Grant Terry


Whenever I’m sad I think of this picture of Eugene Byrd and Micharl Grant Terry

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a pod of eleven killer whales - a family of two adults and nine juveniles - was discovered trapped in the ice of the hudson bay off the coast of the small inuit village of inukjuak. confined for two days in the small breathing hole, the whales began to panic as they tried unsuccessfully to find another breathing hole and their way to sea.

while an icebreaker ship would typically be brought in to free the orcas, the closest crew was thirty six hours away, so the villagers decided to cut a half mile of holes for the killer whales to travel through on their way to open water. the village mayor noted that it was unusual to see orcas in the area in january, but that the waters were late to freeze this year.

photos by maggie okituk and marina lacasse

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When broken up with, Pisces, like Cancer, becomes very clingy and often goes into a state of denial, convinced if they fix themselves in some way they can save the relationship. 

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Pisces- Thursday, April 17, 2014


You deserve far better than what you are getting and the stars are determined to help. To expedite a positive change, it is important to not indulge in the notion that a certain problem is unbeatable. Banish this thought from your mind. If you can muster the discipline to do this, you will find that movement and progress will rapidly ensue.

Mercury (Hermes), your personal strategist is getting close to reaching the far side of the Sun at which point he will begin his return trip to Earth. His ship is loaded with your hopes, dreams and aspirations. He’s on a merchant journey visiting exotic ports of call on a mission to cut good deals on your behalf. Your connection to Hermes is greatest when you are fearless and bold.

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"Ain’t nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he’s an indoor cat"

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